Library Grants

​Funds for grants to the Estacada Public Library are generated by:

1.  Annual dues
2.  Annual disbursements from the Betty L. Baker Fund as
     administered by the Oregon Community Foundation.
3.  Donations
​Note: The Friends of the Estacada Public Library is an eligible cultural organization of the Oregon Cultural Trust. This means that any donation to us will qualify you to make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust and therefore become eligible for Oregon’s innovative cultural tax credit. Please see the following link for more information:

4.  Outside foundations
5.  Sales from the Chapter Two Bookstore
6.  Endowments

Four times a year the Board considers requests from the library for specific grants.

Examples of previous grant requests include:
  • Technology upgrades
  • Patron furniture (tables and chairs)
  • Early literacy play area
  • Mobile outreach equipment 

Mosaics created by Mimi Near, located on the floor of the library's entrance.